This is us , sisters.

Actually Taina and Jaima are my cousins , the daughters of my father's sisters .

We are Caribbeans , our ancestors are Coolie from India as a part of our history. 

Those lands we share are the heritage of our roots.

childs and grand CHILD OF MIGRANTS.

We shot this around the houses of my grandmother , parents, and aunties.

This is where I used to come every summer as a child and I can't tell you how many

memories I have here with my family .How beautiful my land is.

Those pictures remind me of the smell of a good meal and family parties.

Back in the days we used to play around.

 I have been chorégrapher, stylist, make-up artist and teacher sometimes to my baby's.

And most of all just like sisters from the older to the youngest ,

we always have been taking care of each other.


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Taina is wearing the saree skirt in purple

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Jaima is wearing the saree skirt in safran

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Jaima is wearing the kaia dress in black

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Taina is wearing the kanopee necklace

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Ines is wearing the original kaia dress

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+ the kaia mesh pant

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+ the turquoise necklace

Soeurs II

With Ines,Taina and Jaima.

Shot by Guirassy Fatoumata 

In February 2022 at Saint-François (french west Indies)